Love Yourself More
January 16, 2020
As Valentine's Day approaches, you may need to be reminded to LOVE YOURSELF MORE! Yes, I said it. Society today seems aimed to take, drain, and exhaust us. We all need to remember who needs your energy most, YOU. Below you'll find Self Love Ideals and 8 selected Mindful Gifts for Self Love and Growth. Time to refocus, recharge, re-calibrate, and recognize the steps ahead to help the you today become the best version of you tomorrow.
Giveaway Supernatural Series Inspired Jewelry Pendant, Keychain, Decoration
Supernatural Series – Fandom Inspired Pendant Giveaway
February 27, 2020
Sign-up for mindful email updates & comment below with your favorite Supernatural character or duo. One person who does will randomly receive a Supernatural fandom inspired pendant with your comment in mind! (No purchase is necessary. Including existing subscribers. Deadline March 30th, 2020) 1.Of.A.Kind.Mind is now offering Custom Supernatural Inspired Jewelry, Keychains, and Decorations! Thats right!!! You choose from series charms inspired by Sam and Dean Winchester, Castile, and more! Next pick two accent colors and which pendant you'd like them attached to and presto. Have your very own Supernatural inspired memento to cherish and remind you of all the years you've shared with millions from the fandom.
Spike + Xander = Spander
Spike + Xander = Spander
December 30, 2019
Spike + Xander = Spander Recently I received a custom order inspired by the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters Xander and Spike ("Spander"), my very first pendant request inspired by this wacky duo. I couldn't wait to get started!

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Contact Sarah Allison
Sarah Allison in Bucharest, Romania

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Hi, I’m Sarah Allison.

I strive to design powerful, beautiful, and impactful jewelry as well as to make jewelry customization easy!

Designing jewelry together, I hope to help you express who you are through the custom choices that you make.

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