Designed by Sarah Allison

Designed by Sarah Allison
Items in this category have been personally designed by Sarah Allison.
Handmade jewelry featuring gemstonecrystal, and lava stone with you in mind.
Fandom Key Pendants featuring inspired charms wire wrapped to a key pendant.
Custom is Key when you can be the creator of a handmade piece of art.
Every add-on has been selected by Sarah Allison. Options include charms, beads, necklace chains, and more. You can even choose to add gift wrapping. View the gallery if you need ideas or contact us. We are here to help.

Customization is Key! Every custom order is handmade with you in mind!

Customize your own jewelry on 1.Of.A.Kind.Mind. Handmade jewelry inspired by your favorite fandom, character, celebrity, or hobby.

Sarah’s Philosophy
Sarah’s designs typically feature natural elements. After losing her aunt to cancer, she looked for natural ways of improving one’s life and health. This led her to DoTerra Essential Oil. Essential oil can help relieve anxiety.

Essential oils also help improve stomach function and reduce muscle pain, headaches, and nausea. You can skip the medications and chemicals you normally would have turned to (with approval from your doctor). She will incorporate lava stones in her designs allowing you to add a drop of your favorite scent and wear it throughout the day.

Sarah is also a DoTerra representative. If you have questions about essential oils, she’d be happy to consult with you.
Easy Steps for Custom Jewelry:

Select the Custom Jewelry type.
Pick your Add-On Charms. (The amount of charms that will fit may vary.)
Next, choose your favorite Accent Colors. You can choose a primary and secondary color.
Then take your custom jewelry up a notch by choosing from premium beads, chains, and more.
Complete the Custom Order Details Form.

The form helps guide the final look of your design.
If you opt not to complete the form, your custom order will be completed to the best of the designer’s ability.

More information on how to customize is available at this link.

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