Sarah Allison’s Designs are handmade with you positively in mind.

Sarah Allison’s Designs

Sarah Allison's Designs - 1 Of A Kind Mind Necklace Natural Elements

Handmade jewelry featuring gemstone, crystal, and lava stone with you in mind.

Fandom Key Pendants featuring inspired charms wire wrapped to a key pendant.

Custom is Key when you can be the creator of a handmade piece of art.

Sarah’s Journey

At age 14 Sarah took her first trip with her grandmother out West and discovered jewelry making. After traveling to meet her Great Uncle ‘Pudge’ Allison for the first time in Albuquerque, NM, they then set off to Paggosa Springs, CO. When driving into the small mountain town, they spotted a bead shop. She fell in love with the shine of crystals and energy of Turquoise. She’s has been making jewelry for over 15 years now.

Sarah’s Philosophy

Sarah’s designs typically feature natural elements. After losing her aunt to cancer, she looked for natural ways of improving one’s life and health. This led her to DoTerra Essential Oil. Essential oil can help relieve anxiety.

Essential oils also help improve stomach function and reduce muscle pain, headaches, and nausea. You can skip the medications and chemicals you normally would have turned to (with approval from your doctor). She will incorporate lava stones in her designs allowing you to add a drop of your favorite scent and wear it throughout the day.

Sarah is also a DoTerra representative. If you have questions about essential oils, she’d be happy to consult with you.

Throughout Sarah’s sales career, she realized the power of having a positive mental attitude. Having the right state of mind can change everything! To help clear negativity and hone in on improvements one wants to make, Sarah incorporates crystals and natural elements into her designs. This beautiful step in a daily routine can make a positive impact. When one wants to clear negative energy and is wearing an element such as Smokey Quartz, it gives you a mind and earth bond strong enough to steer you away harmful energies.

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