1.Of.A.Kind.Mind jewelry is unique and made with positive intent. Find an eye-catching, handmade, piece of art which highlights natural elements or your favorite fandom! Its time to wear jewelry as unique and beautiful as you.

Meet the Creative Founder & Artists

Sarah Allison

Sarah Allison has an affinity for nature. Her featured pieces in crystals, gemstones, or lava rocks. Natural elements are a great way to improve one’s life, health, and happiness incorporated with mindful manifestations and maintaining a positive mental attitude.

In June of 2018, her love of fandoms were reignited when meeting actor Nicholas Brendon (who played Xander from the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) In October, joining his Slightly Askew team, she joined them on the road. She hosted, planed, and promoted his Meet & Greet Tour* among other travel, acting, and convention duties.

Sarah made fast friends with many people she met on pursuit of Kicking Depression In The Ballsack. While working at DragonCon in 2018, she found who would become her current jewelry collaborator, Sarah Goodwin. She tested her ability by giving her the task of creating the very first Buffy inspired key necklace. Impressed with Ms. Goodwin’s work, she was asked to create and provide more Buffy Key Pendants. The pendants were a huge success during NB Happiness Runs Amok Tour.

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Contributing Artists

Sara Goodwin

S. Goodwin is a lover of fandoms and longtime convention attendee. She recently attend graduate school and now works to give her cat the life to which she has become accustomed. A volunteer at her local library, she makes arts and crafts with the teenagers in her spare time,

You will find her pieces in Supernatural themed pendants, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Inspired Pendants, and other various fandom inspired key pendants.

More Artists To Come…

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