Wear an eye-catching custom key pendant that shows off your favorite fandom or your uniqueness. Handmade one of a kind designs with you in mind! Jewelry customization is made easy. Keychain and decorative displays are also available.

Customize Your Own!

Customize Your Own Jewelry, Keychain, or Decoration!

Here are the steps to customize your own jewelry, keychain, or decoration.

  • Pricing included style, charms, accent beads, labor, and style of pendant

First: Choose Item to Customize

  • Pendants
  • Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, or a Set
  • Keychain or Decoration
  • Themed Fandom Key

Second: Select Item’s Specifications

  • Select item’s details such as size, metal, color, etc…

Third: Seperately Choose Add-On Options

Add-On Options must be placed into the cart before checking out in addition to your selected Custom Item..

  • Add-On Charms: Suggested quantity is based on the size or style of your item.
    • Key Pendant sizes are:
      • Extra Large (XLG) – up to 10
      • Medium (MD) – up to 5
      • Small (SM) – up to 4
      • Extra Small (XS) – up to 3
      • Extra Extra Small (XXS) – up to 2.
    • Charms & keys vary in size allowing more or less to be used.
    • Accent beads are included to embellish your item.
    • Tags may be used to search or filter available charms.
  • Add-On Materials:
    • Accent beads can be upgraded to Swarovski crystal, Gemstones, Sterling Silver, 14 or 24 Karat Gold, Lava Stones, etc.
    • A necklace or bracelet: upgraded cord, chains, other.
    • Decoration: lace attachment, chain attachment, other.
    • Earrings: Upgraded posts, hooks, hoops.
    • Keychain: Upgraded claps and key ring attachments.
  • Add-On Chain Options: length, style, or density.
  • Packing: Expedite your processing & handling time, shipping features, or have item gift wrapped

Lastly: Complete the Custom Order Details Form

Every custom order is handmade with you in mind. Please submit a Custom Order Form. The form helps guide the final look of your design. If you opt not to complete the form, your custom order will be completed to the best of the designer’s ability.

Please see FAQ for additional information. Please see WARNING for disclaimer.

Custom Order Form

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