Day: December 30, 2019

Spike + Xander = SpanderSpike + Xander = Spander

Recently I received a custom order inspired by the Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters Xander and Spike (“Spander”), my very first pendant request inspired by this wacky duo. I couldn’t wait to get started!

We worked together to decide which charms would truly represent them. I did a quick mental inventory of the charms I already had, however, I knew I needed a few more for this ultimate key.

Together we decided to use the largest key available for this combination of charms. The large key, meant for a decoration piece, is about 5 inches tall and up to 2 1/2 inches wide. In this way, she can display her key while at home to enjoy.

Knowing this client personally, I knew she’d want to show off her piece of art. I asked her if she’d like a clip to make it easy to take from a decoration to a wearable totem. She put her faith, literally in my hands.

Read on to find out how the final key came together. Customize your own Nicholas Brendon inspired key pendant now! Coming Soon: Customize a Buffy Inspired key pendant! Sign up for mindful announcements and updates so you don’t miss a fandom beat! Just enter email on the side or footer menu under Mindful Updates!

The Inspiration

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2019-12-23-at-11.05.22-AM-1024x576.png
“Spander” Screenshot – Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 7, Episode 6

Spike Elements

  • Fangs: Vampire’s are known for their blood sucking fangs. However in one episode, Xander said Spike was fangless while living in Xander’s basement. To convey this fangless idea, I wrapped wire around the fangs to express the idea of a fangless vampire.
  • Leather Duster: Spike typically would be spotted wearing his aged leather duster.
  • Boot: Spike paired a pair of tall boots with every outfit choice.
  • Whiskey Bottle: Spike is often found nursing from his favorite bottle when he’s heartbroken.

Xander Elements

  • Construction Hat: “Xander” worked in construction from seasons 4 to 7 in between supporting the Slayer, saving the world, giving world saving speeches himself, and opening the second High School located atop of the hellmouth.
  • Skateboard: “Xander Harris” had a grand entrance in the series premiere, Welcome to the Hellmouth.
  • Pizza Box: Xander delivered pizza for a time, often sharing a box with the Scooby Gang.

Spander Elements

  • Hawaiian T-shirt: “Xander” was known for his vivid and printed wardrobe, however in one doomed episode, Spike wore his shirt while planning to fall upon a stake to kill himself.
  • TV Set: The TV Spike often watched Passions and Dawson’s Creek. Xander enjoyed watching Bollywood flicks with Buffy and Willow.
  • Rope: I tied a cord to the key to represent Spike being tied up to Xander’s recliner in the basement as an extra safety measure after he had a chip implanted.
  • X & S: I added simple letter charms representing the names Xander & Spike.

Finishing Touches

I added a lava stone to connect to the clasp to finish off the pendant. I also added this mindful item to use as an oil diffuser to help relieve headaches or stress. Next I used a flower on the clasp to tie back to the Hawaiian shirt charm featured on the key.

The Result!

Completed Custom “Spander” Key

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